Embrace Sustainable Elegance: Renting Your Wedding Dress with P.S. Bridal Rental

Whether it’s buying a vintage dress, re-selling it afterwards, or even upcycling their gowns, brides are increasingly taking a more circular approach to wedding fashion. It’s why a growing number are also choosing to rent out their dresses post-wedding, so that it isn’t just worn for one day only before being consigned to the back of their wardrobes. At P.S. Bridal, we champion this sustainable shift, offering brides a chance to wear their dream dress or rent out their old dress! Contributing to a more eco-friendly bridal industry.

The Growing Trend of Wedding Dress Rentals

Model and creative director Danielle Copperman decided to make her civil ceremony dress by Grace Lane and PS Bridal’s Zoe Jervoise Graham available for rent following her 2022 wedding, alongside her reception dress by Selezza. “I love the idea of many people being able to wear [the dresses],” she tells Vogue. “I get so many enquiries and emails from people wanting to buy the looks; I think renting is the best way to a) offer the opportunity to wear a piece to more than one person, but b) offer a sustainable option that wouldn’t mean we have to reproduce the dress – we can simply rotate the same ones” (Vogue).

Danielle Copperman - in her bespoke dress designed by Zoe Jervoise Graham and Grace lane London. Available to rent from £1237.50

P.S. Bridal Rental: Leading the Way

In fact, PS Bridal founders Jervoise Graham and Ella-Louise Gaskell decided to launch the rental section of their website in 2023, after Gaskell struggled to find a dress she wanted to rent for her own wedding. “It just seems crazy to me that you spend so much money, and these dresses are produced to be never worn again,” the stylist says of the idea behind the rental service, while noting that the mindset among brides is quickly shifting. “Some people will come to us, look for the dress they want, realize that we’re still new – so then they’ll say, ‘I will go and buy it, but I can rent it out after’” (Vogue).

For her own wedding, Gaskell ended up choosing a ceremony dress by Bon Bride and a party look by Stella McCartney, which she knew she’d be able to rent out afterwards. Meanwhile, other brides have since listed wedding gowns from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Emilia Wickstead, and Oscar de la Renta on the site, showing the calibre of options available. “I almost wish I was getting married this year because of the level of high-fashion items available to rent,” Gaskell says (Vogue).

P.S. Bridal Co founder Ella Gaskell in "Ella" rented via Bon bride/P.S. bridal

Benefits of Renting Your Wedding Dress

The advantages of renting, as opposed to, say, resale, are two-fold. Firstly, it allows brides to hold on to what is often a very sentimental piece, while still giving it multiple other lives. “A lot of brides are happy to rent [their dress] out, but they don’t quite want to let go of it,” Gaskell continues. “If at some point they do want it back for nostalgia [PS Bridal manages the rented pieces in house] or they want their daughter to potentially wear it in the future, they have the option.”

Additionally, there’s also the opportunity to earn back the money that you originally spent on the dress. Case in point: P.S. Bridal co-founder Zoe Jervoise Graham “I‘ve made all my money back on it, and now more, as it’s on its 3rd rental,” Jervoise-Graham says. “It retails for £1,200.”

"Zoe" designed by Co founder Zoe Jervoise Graham available to rent from £375

Sustainable and Stylish Choices

Considering these are such precious pieces, it makes sense that former brides are taking extra precautions to look after their wedding dresses when renting them out. P.S. Bridal encourages lenders to change into a party dress in the evening, in order to prevent trains from getting ruined, as well as offering an accidental damage insurance policy at the point of the purchase.

In many ways, it’s win-win, with brides-to-be now able to access circular wedding fashion at a fraction of the RRP. Jervoise Graham says,“Seeing that dresses get the time and care they deserve beyond the wedding day – is so wonderful to see. Brides can feel connected to a bigger picture while sharing the love!” 

Why should you rent a wedding dress?

Renting your wedding dress from P.S. Bridal Rental not only offers significant savings but also supports sustainable fashion practices. With our extensive selection of designer gowns, personalised service, and commitment to inclusivity, you're sure to find the perfect dress for your big day. Embrace the benefits of wedding dress rental and make your wedding both stylish and eco-friendly.

For more information and to browse our collection, visit P.S. Bridal Rental.

To read more about the growing trend of wedding dress rentals, check out the full Vogue article here.

By embracing the sustainable and stylish option of wedding dress rental, you can contribute to a greener planet while enjoying the elegance and charm of a designer gown on your special day.

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