Refunds Policy


10.1 The Buyer acknowledges that the Items being sold are second-hand and may exhibit signs of wear, use, or previous ownership.

10.2 The Seller makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or overall condition of the second-hand Items.

10.3 The Buyer accepts the Items in their current condition and understands that minor imperfections or variations from the original state may exist.

10.4 The Seller operates under a strict no-refunds policy. Once a purchase is made, all sales are final, and the Seller will not entertain requests for refunds or returns, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement.

10.5 The Seller encourages the Buyer to carefully review all provided information, including descriptions and photographs, to make an informed decision about the purchase of second-hand goods.

By proceeding with the purchase, the Buyer acknowledges and accepts the second-hand nature of the Items, understanding that they may not be in brand-new condition, and agrees to the Seller's no-refunds policy.


11. Cancellation and Refund Policy

11.1 In the event that you choose to cancel a Try on, notice must be provided to Try On cancellations occurring more than 10 days in advance of the Try On start date are eligible for a full refund.

11.2 Should you choose to cancel a Try on within 10 calendar days of the Rental Start Date, a 40% cancellation charge will be incurred, payable to P.S. Bridal Rental.

11.3 Try On cancellations made within 6 calendar days of the Try On start date are strictly non-refundable.

11.4 Rental cancellations more than 1 month in advance of the rental start date are fully refundable.

11.5 Cancellations for Rentals made within 28 calendar days of the rental start date will incur a 40% cancellation charge payable to P.S. Bridal Rental.

11.6 Rental cancellations made 14 calendar days or less prior to the Rental Start Date are strictly non-refundable.

11.7 In all other cases, no refund shall be entitled. Any Security Deposit held by PS shall be returned within ten (10) business days of cancellation. PS reserves the right to cancel a rental without notice and charge your Payment Method up to the Replacement Value if there is a reasonable belief that the rental was initiated with the intention of perpetrating theft or causing harm to a Participant. This determination is at our sole and absolute discretion.