The Ultimate guide to Bridesmaids Dresses

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most exciting but also stressful parts can be choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses! With lots of bridesmaids there can also be lots of opinions in the mix. With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Our stylists have pulled together this 'ultimate guide to bridesmaids dresses' to help you through some of the best places to find bridesmaids dresses in London.

  1. Bridal boutiques: Bridal boutiques are a great place to start your search for bridesmaids dresses because you can often start to browse when you are in your wedding dress appointments! Some brands such as Andrea Hawkes and Halfpenny have a range of bridesmaid dresses in store.
  2. Department stores: Many department stores in London have dedicated bridal sections where you can find bridesmaids dresses. Selfridges, Harrods, and John Lewis are some of the popular department stores to check out.
  3. Bridesmaid specific stores: If you're looking for affordable bridesmaids dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are often unique because they need to come in different styles, colours and sizes to fit the wedding briefs and bridesmaids sizings! Our favourite bridesmaids dresses shops are Maids to Measure, ReWritten Bridesmaids and Nola Bridesmaids.
  4. Bridesmaids dresses to rent: We are so pleased to see the rise in bridesmaids dresses being available for renting! We are soon going to carry a selection of bridesmaids dresses to rent on P.S. Bridal Rental but there are also a great selection on ByRotation, HURR and MyWardrobe.
  5. Custom-made bridesmaids dresses are also popular, especially if you are looking for petite bridesmaids dresses or plus size bridesmaids dresses. Our top choice for custom made bridesmaids dresses are Nola Bridesmaids.

In conclusion, London has an amazing array of options for bridesmaids dresses, the key is knowing where to start!

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