Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions.


How do I start renting?

Start your rental journey by browsing our collection and selecting three dresses for a four-day home trial. Choose your dream dress and secure a month-long rental, adding it to your cart. Opt for our £15 Accidental Damage Protection for secure rental. After adding shipping and payment details, review the summary, and await your order confirmation email. Charges for unsuccessful orders are promptly refunded.

How do I rent an item?

Our dress rental process is simple. Browse our collection and select a dress, scheduling delivery three weeks before your wedding to allow for alterations. Checkout by adding delivery and payment details. We’ll ship your dress, providing tracking details. If issues arise, contact us at For returns, use the original packaging and prepaid label. Drop off the package at a DPD point on the return date and retain your postage proof.

How far in advance do I need to book my dress?

We encourage brides to book their chosen dress for their wedding date as early as possible, even up to a year in advance, to ensure its availability.

What is the longest period you can rent an outfit for?

Our standard rental period covers up to 28 days. If you need a longer rental duration, please email us at help@psonlinestyling.comfor details and price information.

Can items be taken abroad?

As long as the rented items are returned to our team within the rental period and are not damaged, you are more than welcome to take them abroad. As always, T&Cs will apply.


Can I try rental dresses on?

Absolutely! We encourage customers to enjoy a boutique-like experience with our home “try-on” service. For a rental fee of £20 per dress, brides can select up to three dresses for a four-day home try-on.

To ensure that the dresses fit correctly, we recommend the following:

1)Wear nude seamless underwear and avoid bras, as many dresses provide built-in support.

2) Keep skin makeup and fake tan free to prevent staining.

3) Try the dress with comfortable, suitable heel-height shoes.You can consult with our recommended seamstresses in London for potential alterations or schedule a free Zoom consultation during your “try-on” session.

4) Always select dresses in your current size to avoid disappointment on the big day.

What do I do about alterations?

Our London-based reversible alterations service allows for hem shortening and minor waist adjustments, helping achieve the perfect fit. Choose a dress in your size and opt for essential alterations to extend its lifespan. We also offer free consultations during your "Try on" rental period. Note that alterations are only allowed through our recommended seamstresses, as not all items can be altered.

Do I have to clean the dress?

Not at all. You’re under no obligation to have your wedding dress cleaned yourself. In fact, our staff would prefer to handle the cleaning themselves, as our specialist cleaners are experts when it comes to tough stains. By taking our Accidental Damage Protection, you’ll be covered for stain removals and things like zip and embellishment replacements.


What if i lose my rental?

We expect all of our dresses to be treated with care and respect for the duration of the rental period. In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen item, we reserve the right to charge the estimated replacement value of the item. If such incidents occur, we urge you to email us at with “Lost or Stolen Rental” in the subject line. Quick and clear communication will allow us to have the issue resolved swiftly.

What is 'Damage Protection?'

At P.S. Bridal, we offer our customers peace of mind with our Accidental Damage Protection (£15) for rentals. This covers repairable damages such as broken zippers, lost beads, and stain removal. Our professional cleaning partners are adept at dealing with a variety of stains. We recommend that all brides opt for this policy, allowing them to enjoy their special day without any need to worry.

How do I make sure I don't damage my rentals?

There are several tips you can follow to ensure that your rental isn’t damaged. For a start, change into a second outfit for your party – a moment notorious for dress mishaps. Utilise the wrist loop inside your train or skirt when mingling, preventing possible damage.

After the ceremony, consider removing your veil, allowing your dress to breathe until it’s needed for professional photos. Finally, be authentic with your size. Choosing a well-fitting dress ensures comfort and reduces the risk of damaging delicate fabrics, which could be deemed irreparable.

What if I damage my rental?

We recognise that accidents happen, which is why we offer Accidental Damage Protection. This add-on covers repairable damages, including broken zips, missing beads, or stains. However, should an item be irreparably damaged, lost, or stolen, or if repair costs exceed £99, charges may apply up to the item’s estimated replacement value. For garments exceeding £2500, a security deposit may be required. Any damage perceived as intentional or careless may still result in charges.

Stain removal - grass, mud, drinks and food etc
Zip or button replacement
Missing embellishments

We want all our precious dresses treated with love and kindness so if we feel any of the above are seen to be careless or intentional you may still be charged.


How does renting or reselling impact the environment?

Approximately 90% of emissions occur at the production stage. By allowing brides to share items, fewer items need to be produced, leading to a significant reduction in emissions.

Is your logistics and cleaning process also sustainable?

We use eco-friendly cleaning and logistics processes to minimise environmental impact. In certain cases, it’s necessary for us to dry clean a dress rather than use eco-friendlier methods. However, extending the lifespan of an existing dress is better for the environment than having a new dress manufactured.


How do I return my rental?

You must return your rented item by the end of your rental period. Reuse all suit carriers, hangers, and packaging, including the delivery box if intact, to minimise environmental impact. A prepaid returns label is provided (on the front of the suit carrier in the plastic wallet) this allows you to "drop off" at your nearby DPD drop-off.

For home collections, email a week prior to your rental's end. Charges may apply for missing packaging items, as they preserve the items and reduce plastic production.

Refunds do not apply to any items once they've been dispatched on a rental.

How do I track my rental?

We send all our luxury rentals out on a 24-hour service with DPD. You’ll receive an email confirming delivery the day before your rental start date. DPD will then provide you with a one-hour time slot to receive your rental on the morning of delivery. You should be able to re-direct your parcel to a nearby parcel shop if you aren’t home. Unfortunately, our items are unable to be left in a safe place, so please ensure someone is home to receive the delivery.

How do I change my delivery address?

If your delivery address changes after your initial order, you can simply provide our team with the new address, so long as your rental period is over seven days from starting. You can email your new delivery address to, where a member of our team will make the change promptly. Please note that if your rental period is less than seven days from starting, you will not be able to change the delivery address, so ensure that any necessary amendments are made promptly.

What if I miss my return deadline?

Many of our dresses have back-to-back bookings, so it’s vital that you return the item within the agreed rental period. If you believe you’ll be unable to return the dress within the rental period or you need to discuss a rental extension, email us with the subject line “Late Return” and your order number.

A daily late fee of £35.00 may apply for each day that the dress is not returned after the final day of the rental period. This fee or any charge for an extended rental period instead is solely at P.S. Bridals’ discretion.

My item has arrived in poor condition, what should I do?

All of our dresses are meticulously checked by our logistics team before being shipped to customers. However, if you find that your dress arrives in poor condition, please let us know as soon as possible. By opening your package on the day of its arrival and sending us photos of the dress, you can help us to have the issues resolved promptly. Please bear in mind that minor wear and tear is to be expected with rental items, but we implore you to make us aware of anything that you don’t see fit.


Why did my dress not get accepted?

We believe that wedding dresses are incredibly special luxury items, so we only accept dresses that are already in perfect condition or can either be restored to a “like new” state. Rest assured, our skilled cleaners are adept in removing all manner of stains and completing essential repairs. In the event that your dress is not accepted, it will be posted back to you promptly.

How do I sell my existing wedding dress through PS Bridal?

We will be launching our resale section in the following months. Watch this space!

How do I rent out my dress?

To rent out your dress with us, upload current photos showcasing its true condition. Dresses should be near-new or restorable to pristine condition. Once approved, send your dress to our warehouse – it’s advised to opt for tracked delivery. If cleaning is needed, a £99 fee applies. We manage the cleaning, storage, shipping, photography, repairs, and promotion. You earn 60% of each rental; for instance, £1500 rental yields £900 for you.

What if my stock gets ruined?

Each rental has optional Accidental Damage Protection for brides to take out in case of repairable damages (like replacing zips or embellishments and stain removal). In the event an item cannot be restored, the rentee is liable to cover the repair and cleaning costs at the discretion of the brand or lender.

Is it worth renting out my dress?

Renting your dresses will earn you 115% more than wholesale. We can also help you maximise the money made on your dress by reselling it after its rental journey has come to an end.

What happens if I would like my item back?

If your stock hasn’t sold or isn’t already booked on a rental, you can request your stock back at any point. You’ll just need to cover shipping costs.

Have more questions? Our expert stylists are here to help.