A side view of the Danielle Halter Neck Dress
A close up of the back of the Danielle Halter Neck Dress
A Vogue masterpiece, it features a plunging neckline, halter neck, and long tie detail
Step into elegance with the Jervoise for P.S. Danielle wedding dress
A view of the back of the Danielle Halter Neck Dress
Original RRP £3900

The Jervoise for P.S. "Danielle" wedding dress designed alongside Danielle Copperman for her wedding day. As featured in Vogue, the dress contains a plunging neckline with halter neck and extra long tie detail, with a ruched waist line and low back.

For brides wanting to feel like a fashion goddess on their wedding days. 

Made in a stunning white satin backed crepe. If you need any help on sizing don't hesitate to chat to one of our stylist's :)

Fit Note:
6UK -  Bust 32, Waist 25, Hip 34 Inches
6-8UK -  Bust 32.5, Waist 25.5, Hip 34.5
8UK - Bust 33, Waist 26, Hip 35
10UK  -  Bust 35, Waist 28, Hips 37 Inches.

If your size is missing please message one of our stylists for more information.

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