Celebrity stylist rental survival guide


Check out our TOP SECRET celebrity stylist tips!


So you look flawless on your big day.

1) The Bridal survival kit

Armpit sweat guards
Celebrity secret…..Every bride needs to wear these,  you won’t regret it!

Biodegradable wipes
To lightly mop up any stains 
Heel pads
Your feet will thank you!
Stops you looking shiny in photos and holds your makeup perfectly.
For emergency repairs 
If you don’t have one this will change your life, no need for an ironing board again!


2) Rent a party look!

We highly recommend this to all brides, this is the point where most brides end up ruining their dresses, drinks spilt, drunk relatives treading and ripping your train the list goes on!
Plus if you can’t have a costume change now when can you?
We have loads of affordable and stylish options here.


3) Underwear

Wearing good seamless underwear can completely change the look of clothing here are our top picks for bridal underwear


    4) Alterations


    LASTLY we’re going to let you in on a BIG bridal industry secret…. Most brides don’t get their dress “made to measure”.
    They’re just getting a dress made to their nearest clothing size based on their measurements.
    The main alteration that’s done is the hem line. With our reversible alteration service you can also book that here

    We hope you have the most magical day filled with love and happiness. We’re here to help you with any styling questions or needs just reach out to us via whatsapp or email. 



    Zoe, Zoe & Ella 



    We have loads more tips on caring for your looks and how to survive your wedding day looking flawless on our FAQ’s page.

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